Request a Bike Rack

Do you have customers or employees who need a safe place to lock up their bike when they get to your business? Do you want to improve cycling accommodations in your community in a tangible and visible way? Do you want to show your support for sustainable transportation of all sorts? Do you want to do it for free? Then request a free bike rack from RIDE Solutions!

Simply complete the application form, below, and you’ll be contacted by a RIDE Solutions representative to help you site the rack and determine usage. Successful applications to the Bike Rack Donation program will receive:

  • Donation of one (1) or more bicycle racks per applicant: Please note: only organizations and locations within the RIDE Solutions service area are eligable to receive racks.
  • Bicycle rack location assistance
  • Cycling, Walking, Public Transit, and Multimodal Information Packet
  • Recognition of rack recipients – news releases, Regional Commission newsletter and web site
  • Inclusion of bicycle rack location on regional bicycle facilities map and in regional bicycle facilities database
Racks Requested

Number of racks requested for this location. A standard rack holds two bicycles. Please note that the actual number and type of racks awarded will depend on site suitability, projected usage, and need.

Contact Information

Business/Site Name

Street address:



Contact Person First Name:

Last Name:



Promotion of Alternatives

Does your organization actively promote the use of alternative transportation such as bicycling, walking, carpooling and public transit through offering bicycle/pedestrian facilities, transit subsidies, carpool matching, or other means?

If yes, please provide additional detail:

Would you be interested in implementing a RIDE Solutions Workplace program to promote alternative commute modes - bicycling, walking, carpooling and public transit - for employees?

Site Information

Do you own the property on which the bicycle rack will be installed?

If you do not own the property, can you provide proof of permission from the property owner to install a bicycle rack on the property?

Do customers or employees ever arrive at the establishment by bicycle?
YesNoNot Sure

In your opinion, would employees or customers be the primary users the bicycle rack?
EmployeesCustomersBothNot Sure

Is there a safe, convenient, visible, and easily accessible location on the property, outside of the public right-of-way, to install a bicycle rack?
YesNoNot Sure

Do you have the ability to install the bicycle rack or will installation assistance be needed? Assistance may require a separate fee and will be provided by a third party.
Will InstallRequire AssistanceNot Sure

Are you willing and able to perform basic maintenance of the bicycle rack as needed (tightening bolts, painting, etc.)?
YesNoNot Sure

Other Information - Include any additional information to illustrate the current and/or potential need for a bike rack or otherwise support this application:

Eligibility and Other Requirements

Local businesses and non-profits in the RIDE Solutions service area are eligible to apply. Applicants must either own the property on which the bicycle racks will be installed or provide proof of permission from the property owner to install a bicycle rack on the property. All bicycle racks must be installed outside of the public right-of-way unless permission is otherwise granted. If choosing to include free bicycles with their rack, applicants must be willing to sign Sharebikes in and out and process a small amount of paperwork provided by Sharebike. Approximately five minutes per customer will be required.

Application Deadline and Submission Process
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the fiscal year. Please submit one (1) applications per physical location or worksite. Applicants can complete the application on-line using the form above, or over the phone by calling toll-free 1-866-424-3334.

Selection Process
RIDE Solutions will review all received applications. A site evaluation will be scheduled within two weeks of receipt for applicants who meet the minimum criteria, including but not limited to usage of current facilities, if applicable; projected usage, projected audience, and need. Site evaluation will include suitability of location and proximity to existing bicycle facilities and routes. Racks will be awarded within four weeks of a site visit.  More than one rack may be requested by the applicant. The actual number of racks awarded will depend on site suitability, projected usage, and need.

Grantees will receive 1 or more inverted-U style racks, or 1 or more post-style racks, each of which can hold two bicycles.  Racks are black with white lettering bearing the RIDE Solutions name and logo.

Additional Information
Questions regarding the Bike Rack Donation Program or the application process should be directed to Jeremy Holmes, Program Director, at (540) 342-9393 or via email.