Ride Smart - Take the Pledge!

Taking the pledge is easy - existing RIDE Solutions members just need to log in and click the Ride Smart Challenge on their account page.  If you don't have an account, make one - it's fast and free - and you're ready to go!

Accept the challenge to walk, bike, carpool, telecommute, or take public transportation this May with the annual Ride Smart Challenge.  Explore your transportation options and earn entries to win great prizes, all while reducing your transportation costs, improving regional air quality, and spending more time doing the things you enjoy.

There are two ways to participate in the Ride Smart Challenge.  Simply take the Ride Smart Pledge to be entered into weekly prize drawings, or take the pledge and log your trips to earn additional entries.  You can log any kind of trip you would have taken by car - commute, business meeting, going out to eat and more.

And to celebrate National Bike Month, every bicycle trip you log earns you TWO entries into all our prize drawings.

Our Goal: 100,000 Miles

81508 miles

What does taking 81508 miles off the road mean?

  • Pounds of greenhouse gas emissions avoided: 65206
  • Dollars saved on gasoline: $8150.8
  • Gallons of gas not burned: 3260
  • Calories burned: 2275362
  • Pounds lost: 758lbs

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Nothing motivates like some friendly competition, so why not form a Ride Smart Team to challenge other teams in or organization or across the community to see who can log the most clean miles.

While we think electric cars and other high-efficiency vehicles are great, we do not count those trips in the Ride Smart Challenge.  Click here to read more on why.

Winners for the Ride Smart Challenger of the Year and Ride Smart Team of the Year will receive awards at the end of the month. Award categories are below.

  • The Ride Smart Challenger of the Year
    • Awarded to the commuter who logs the most clean trips during May.
  • The Ride Smart Team of the Year 
    • Awarded to the Team that logs the most trips during May.
  • Weekly and Monthly Prize Drawings
    • Take the Ride Smart Challenge and earn 1 entry into each of our four weekly drawings.
    • Log a trip and earn an additional entry into each week’s drawing.  Log a bicycle trip and earn two entries instead of one!